About Our Company

Peace of Mind Nursery Inc. offers a fantastic array of rare and unusual conifers and ornamentals. The gem of conifer nurseries, we offer exceptional dwarf, prostrate, variegated, and pendulous varieties, as well as excellent candidates for patio containers, bonsai and specimen.

The breadth of our plant candidates includes selections for an assortment of environmental conditions.  These would include, but not be limited to: dry, moist, or poor soil (clay) environments; areas exposed to shade, full sun, or partial sun.  We can fill requirements for dwarf gardens, hedging or screening, vertical accent or spacial foundation highlight - all are available at Peace of Mind Nursery, Inc.

The Photo tab will direct you to the 30 Theme Gardens recently amassed and gives excellent insight into our diverse product line of beautiful plants.   Double click on the Theme Garden of your choice and it will open up the gamut of trees which suitably fit the main topic.  In some cases, several photos of the same plant are provided to illustrate different sizes available or what the plant looks like at various times of the year.    Photos groupings are arranged by Form (Bubble, Dwarf, Pillar (columnar), Crying Game; i.e. weeping, Weirdos - crazy plants!, etc..); by Genus (Cedars, Firs, Hemlocks, Pines, Spruce, etc.); by Color (Green, Gold, Blue, Transitional, Variegated, etc..); by Rarity (Collector’s Garden); by Showpiece (Specimens).  You will discover that almost all plant selections can be found in multiple Theme Gardens; for example, Pinus mugo ‘Honey comb’ will be seen in the ‘Bubble’, ‘Dwarf’, ‘Transitional’ and ‘What’s Cool’ Gardens because the plant meets the criteria of each of those collections. ‘The Process’ tab portrays our digging operation & crew; grafting procedures which create most of the plants we grow; and provides examples of plant purchase order staging & truck loading for transport. To return to the main Photo page, click on the ‘Back to Index’ verbiage on the top left of the page.

Two new photo galleries have been added to our website:  “Available Now” portrays products available for immediate purchase.  “Landscape Jobs” illustrates the use of our conifers and ornamentals in two local landscape projects.

Peace of Mind Nursery, Inc. has two locations.  Ten acres about 20 miles south of Portland in West Linn, Oregon along the mighty Willamette River and 14 acres in Silverton, 10 miles east of Salem, Oregon.   We have been in business for 22 years.  Numerous trade journals have run articles about plants and the operation at Peace of Mind Nursery, Inc.  For a list of these references and our trade show exhibitor participation click on the ‘Trade Journal’ tab.

Our products are typically balled and burlapped from October through April and shipped all over the continental United States and Canada.  We do containerize and use wire baskets for some customers at cost.  At the customers request we will obtain a minimum of three comparative quotes for freight transport and make arrangements for full or partial load transport.

Come check out the attributes of our high quality, unrivaled selection of unique conifers. We take pride in making available over 570 varieties of quality plant material for landscapers, designers, architects, contractors, nurseries, retail garden centers, re-wholesalers and homeowners. We look forward to serving you in the year 2012 and beyond.