Peace of Mind Nursery, Inc. specializes in rare and unusual conifers - the gems of the conifer world.  We also offer a wide selection of maples, ornamentals and more common conifers, in larger quantities.

WHAT’S NEW?  Photo galleries have been updated with new varieties and the latest growth patterns.  Now you can enjoy the evolution right on line.  Having trouble figuring out WHAT to order?  Use the photo galleries to your advantage and call me to review our extensive availability.  Understanding your target market and price points, I can help you put together a killer combination of fantastic conifers & ornamentals that will sell themselves!  Plants are tagged on a regular basis.  Digging has commenced.  Don’t delay.

Some customers have requested access to rare conifer foliage to make ordinary wreaths and garnishment POP!  See samples of what’s available in our new photo gallery, “Got Foliage?”

Thank you!

       What makes us special?

We have conifers & ornamentals difficult to find.


We provide the highest quality finished product.

We are focused on customer service and plant management.

We have outstanding conifers that can meet any landscape desire or requirement.

We offer bread & butter conifers to meet all your conifer needs.

We offer multiple sizes and price points for over 570 varieties.

We work with customers to tailor our product line to your target market.

We provide outstanding value for price and are price sensitive.

We have a photo library that is unsurpassed.

We coordinate shipping.  We ship anywhere, full or partial loads.

We work hard, do a great job & are easy to work with.